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We are proud & excited to announce that BLOX ESTATE has now been APPROVED and has completed the KYC verification process with The Verification Gold Standard®, Assure DeFi®.

You can view the compliance Details here on their KYC Project Page:

About Project:

Blox Estate pioneers the convergence of blockchain and real estate investment, introducing asset tokenization to democratize access and streamline the investment process. Traditional barriers to real estate investment, both financial and administrative, are dismantled, as investors can now own fractionalized shares represented by tokens on the blockchain for as little as $100.

The platform's native utility and governance token, ESTATE, lies at the core, granting holders voting power and access to signature features, including NFTs and decentralized governance through the Blox Estate DAO.

The Blox Estate DAO represents a paradigm shift in decision-making, decentralizing control and allowing any ESTATE Token holder to propose changes, which are executed through trustless smart contracts upon community approval. Security and transparency are paramount, with transactions recorded on the blockchain, liquidity locks on Unicrypt, and ownership renouncement reinforcing the community's trust. Blox Estate's thoughtfully designed tokenomics ensure a sustainable ecosystem, with strategic allocations for liquidity pools, staking rewards, and research and development, as outlined in the platform's carefully crafted roadmap.

As Blox Estate continues to evolve, it marks a transformative moment in bridging the gap between real estate and decentralized finance, setting a precedent for the future of accessible, transparent, and decentralized investments.

The following team member has completed the verification process:

Role & Primary Social Media Handle


Telegram: @Troop3rXYZ

Learn more about Assure’s KYC verification below:

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