KEI Finance Is Now KYC ASSURED✨✅ by Assure DeFi.

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2 min readNov 3, 2023

We are proud & excited to announce that KEI Finance has now been APPROVED and has completed the KYC verification process with The Verification Gold Standard, Assure DeFi.

You can view the compliance NFT here:

About KEI Finance

KEI Finance is a leading player in the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), offering a user-friendly approach to digital asset management through its three core pillars: Access, Grow, and Transact. By providing familiar login methods, automated trading strategies, and direct blockchain to vendor payments, KEI Finance aims to make DeFi accessible to all. The platform is dedicated to tackling the challenges in the DeFi sector by utilizing cutting-edge technology and delivering fully automated financial services, removing barriers for both crypto and traditional traders.

KEI Finance’s mission is to create a comprehensive, self-sustaining, and secure trading ecosystem, where users can automate their strategies without dealing with the complexities of blockchain. With features like staking, affiliate rewards, algorithmic trading, and direct blockchain to vendor payments, KEI Finance is committed to merging the DeFi industry with global traders, ushering in a more accessible and promising financial future.

The following team member has completed the verification process:

Role & Primary Social Media Handle

CEO / CTO / Founder

Telegram: @kevupton

Learn more about Assure’s KYC verification below:

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