KeySea Is Now KYC ASSURED✨✅ by Assure DeFi®.

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2 min readNov 6, 2023

We are proud & excited to announce that KeySea has now been APPROVED and has completed the KYC verification process with The Verification Gold Standard®, Assure DeFi®.

You can view the compliance NFT here:

About KeySea

KeySea, part of the SocialFi Network on Linea, Is Now SAFU.

SAFU, initially conceived as a financial safeguard by the Binance exchange, earmarks 10 percent of trading fees to serve as a buffer for users in case of a security breach. It has now morphed into a colloquial term synonymous with “safe.”

For a platform to earn the SAFU badge, it necessitates having a contingency fund to shield user assets. Recently, KeySea has ascended to the SAFU echelon, thanks to its proactive steps.

Besides establishing a protective reserve, KeySea underwent a meticulous audit and conducted KYC (Know Your Customer) verifications through a dedicated team, ensuring an enhanced level of security and trust.

KeySea offers a SocialFi experience and uses the Linea platform. This unique online platform connects users based on keys and their shared interests. In fact, its goal is to facilitate engagement in various chat rooms.

It uses both certified and fan keys to start things off. Certified keys will grant access to chat rooms on the platform, whereas fan keys are specialty keys designed for groups who share like-minded passions.

Are you ready to sign up and start using KeySea? Join today for an excellent experience!

The following team member has completed the verification process:

Role & Primary Social Media Handle

Founder and CTO

Telegram: @MaverickKey

Learn more about Assure’s KYC verification below:

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