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Assure is a Safety-As-A-Service (SAAS) provider focused on bringing a suite of unprecedented safety products to the DeFi industry.


Anonymous project owners are prevalent in this space for good reason, but some use this to their advantage to scam investors.

The decision to remain anonymous is often made for a variety of legitimate reasons. This isn’t expected to change any time soon w/ global regulations & legislation, security concerns & privacy issues.

Anonymity is something that needs to be protected in our space, not rejected & dismissed. With that said, investors prefer to see public or known developers/project-owners over anonymous ones.

There is an added element of risk with anonymous project owners because in case of a scam, rug or criminal act there is little to no recourse or chance of fund recovery.

If the scammer’s identity is not known, it poses a major obstacle to pursue any type of legal recourse & the chance of fund recovery is slim to none.

Due to this dynamic, investors tend to support the non-anonymous project owners with their investment dollars more readily than those that remain anonymous.


Privately identifying project teams with a thorough and secure KYC provider, then validate the KYC approval publicly by putting it on the blockchain with a NFT for investors to verify.

Introducing KYC (Know Your Customer) by Assure.

Assure now offers a solution which allows anonymous project teams to remain publicly anonymous, while still providing investors with an added layer of safety and protection which is typically only afforded to projects with public teams.

We accomplish this through our offering of private & secure KYC with a publicly viewable compliance certificate (NFT) which can be validated by investors on the blockchain.

Anonymous developers/owners can be confident that they will remain anonymous.

Investors get blockchain-validated proof that the project owners have gone through a robust KYC identity verification process.


Assure has created a custom process for identity verification which is geared specifically for approval of DeFi projects.

This is the first of its kind in the space.

Our KYC process is based on one that has been used for many years serving traditional fiat banking & Telecom industries, with additional checks and enhanced level of depth to provide added depth of validity.

Security and privacy in these fields are of utmost importance and Assure commitment to maintaining the integrity of these ideals.



Other KYC offerings in the market are being performed by people or organizations with no proper process in place to ensure integrity of the sensitive identity data.

With Assure, owners can be confident that their data is safe/secure & that anonymity will be protected because the entire process is handled with limited human interaction.

Robust KYC Process

The process Assure has crafted for this specific purpose is more in-depth than a typical KYC for other applications.

Verification steps such as live recorded video calls, 2FA with phone numbers, watch list checks and background checks are all items that can be utilized in the approval process to protect investors from scammers.

Public Leadership

The founder of Assure is public.

More information about Brad Keyes, Assure founder, can be viewed here at his LinkedIn profile.

Assure has multiple other team members that are public as well, including our Director of Design & Branding (Taylor Keyes) and our Lead Research Analyst (Michael Abbott). For more information about our team, please visit our website at

We understand that if the organizations that are providing KYC services are anonymous themselves, this doesn’t offer any more protection for investors than if the project owners are anonymous, which is why we are public.

NFT Compliance Certificates

When a project has been KYC approved through Assure, a custom NFT will be minted with project name, logo, issue date & expiration date. An example of what this NFT will look like is shown here:

The official NFT will remain in the Assure wallet deployer address & will be publicly viewable to confirm projects have been approved.

NOTE: Only NFT’s which have been minted from the official Assure deployer address are legitimate and authenticated. Any KYC approval NFT’s which have not originated from this address are fraudulent and not validated by Assure.

This is a new offering that Assure is bringing to the DeFi space and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

This will allow investors to validate on the blockchain if a project has gone through formal KYC & if they’ve been approved. We intend to provide search functionality on our website once it is live.


KYC by Assure is a highly differentiated offering that is being brought to the DeFi space, with the aim to better protect investors & offer project owners the ability to provide themselves with a stamp of legitimacy.

By working with Assure for KYC services, project owners can gain more confidence with their investors while still protecting their identity (and anonymity if applicable).

We believe this offering will make a meaningful impact to the space we care so deeply about and will provide an enhanced layer of safety that is currently unavailable on the market today.

If you’re interested in getting KYC by Assure, please contact us! See below links below for reference.


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