OPTIX by Assure

Project Optics Audit

Assure is a Safety-As-A-Service (SAAS) provider focused on bringing a suite of unprecedented safety products to the DeFi industry.


Investor Attention

As a project owner or team, the deep knowledge of your project’s working and time spent internally has a tendency to make it difficult to keep the perspective of a potential investor in mind.

Most investors in the blockchain space have a short attention span when it comes to evaluating projects, and if projects don’t meet investors expectations they may wander elsewhere.

The investor process of due diligence or project review prior to making an investment decision varies widely between investors.

At any time, if the information a given person seeks is not easily found and/or non-existent, it is likely he or she will be moving on to the next project for potential investment.

Investor Expectation

Good optics are extremely important in this space.

Good projects and the best intentions can be wasted because innocent oversights leave the door open to FUD.

Creating, launching & sustaining a crypto project is complex.

These are like start-up companies, 90%+ fail because there are many points of failure and most owners lack the experience or guidance to effectively execute what is needed.

Experienced project owners and mentors in the space are lacking. Project consulting firms are limited & incubators are oversubscribed due to heavy demand.

This leaves projects with a lot to do in a short timeframe, with limited guidance from an experienced consultant/mentor.

With no formalized process in place, it becomes difficult to identify a complete picture of what is required for success, what gaps currently exist & how to prioritize what will have the most positive impact to your project.


OPTIX; An Investor Optics Audit by Assure

A confidential, comprehensive audit for projects evaluating everything except the code itself.

Using our proprietary point-scoring system, the Optix audit assesses all critical aspects of project investment potential.

Examples of key areas include:

  • Social Media
  • Tokenomics
  • Team Information
  • Transparency
  • Communications
  • Raise/Use of Funds
  • 10+ Additional Aspects

Each section is ranked with a numerical score relative to potential investor confidence and sentiment.

Higher scores denote project strengths, while lower scores highlight opportunities to improve. A glossary for each element is provided, explaining the importance and basic criteria for scoring.

Sample Cover Page for OPTIX report

Investors will do various levels of due diligence, and this report captures all areas that can (and will) be scrutinized.

The audit report provides objective feedback that gives insight into how a project looks to potential investors.

The audit report instantly provides a real-time prioritized guide for project owners with where their time (and money) will be best spent in order to improve investor confidence.

This audit is intended to give owners a roadmap to make sure their project presents itself in the best light possible when being introduced to the market.


The OPTIX audit is the first of its kind in the space.

The #1 priority of project owners is to make their project appealing to investors.

This product delivers management consulting via a custom guide, developed by our in-house team of research analysts.

It is a comprehensive audit of a project [not code], to reveal what investors perceive — the most important aspect of any venture, investor optics.


The importance of investor optics cannot be underestimated.

As a project owner, it is difficult to put yourself in the shoes of your customer (the investor) and ensure that all aspects of investor perception have been adequately addressed.

By getting an OPTIX by Assure, project teams can more effectively prioritize & feel confident that they don’t have blind spots which could cause a negative impact.

If you’re interested in OPTIX by Assure, please contact us!

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Making DeFi safe with banking-compliant KYC for project leaders.

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Making DeFi safe with banking-compliant KYC for project leaders.

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